Friday, September 25, 2009

Presentation Booklets

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring vector drawings. Starting first with orthographic sketches, moving into plan and elevation obliques and beginning to understand methods of presenting graphics in the environment. I enjoyed learning more about Illustrator, specifically tools I was formerly unfamiliar with such as the pen tool, grouping, and scissors. Within each drawing, both multi-view and oblique, I found that keeping line weight and dimension consistent was especially important as the booklet progressed as a whole. In addition to this, careful attention to digital craft (be analytical!) being able to transfer files between partners for environmental graphics, and spatial quality on a 2-dimensional surface were all relatable issues in a designer-client relationships. Due to this, I am better prepared as we move into perspective, keeping layers, transparency and dominance in mind while creating 3-dimensional letterforms.
Shown: Environmental Graphics: South and East Design Building, "b" and "e" Orthographic Sketch, and Cover Page. [Shown in previous posts; Letterform Obliques, Initial Orthographic, and Letterform studies]

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