Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reading Response Transparency

The reading discussed layers and the different techniques used to implement their use such as cut and paste, spatial and temporal layers as well as transparency which includes physical, graphic and digital transparency. At this point in the book work, I am cleaning up my iterations both in image and text, and placing them together to appear in the same composition. Although the text and image may have the same meaning for a certain page, I've found that they have decidedly different arrangements that do not necessarily form an interesting composition. As both the reading and lecture emphasized, the combination of the text and image can alter the viewer's comprehension in either a positive or negative way. Right now, I am looking for connections in text and image and trying to form relationships between these two elements that communicate each word to the viewer in congruence with my theme of Miscommunication. There are a few that will formed serendipitously but with a few other compositions I will have to iterate further and control the outcome. Hopefully, I will strengthen each of the 18 individual compositions into 9 keeping the techniques, concerns, and elements from both the reading and lecture in mind

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  1. Sounds like this process was very fruitful for you in that you learned to identify when and how serendipity can work in your favor, and also when you need to exercise greater control over all the design elements.