Saturday, November 7, 2009

Albers & Munsell Color

This past week, the class has continued exploration of Albers color studies and Munsell color scores. Shown below are examples of my interpretation of Albers; Simultaneous Contrast, Transparency, Warm/Cool, Bezold Effect. Also, Munsell color scores; Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Horizontal Cross-Section, Diagonal-Cross Section, Circular, Flat Spiral, Helical and Three Dimensional through Psychological Space.

We have also begun to photograph color studies for a final book. I have decided to shoot "below the knee", with a directed focus towards shoes. However, because the white becomes such a dominant part of the photograph, I will be trying different methods of including the floor or background in the color study. (Shown Right: Round 1, Complementary)

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  1. Hi, nice work. Looks like you are using color paper - is that a commercial product? Or did you prepare the sheets yourself?