Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taxonomy Proposal: Continued

After evaluating my organization of the connotative and denotative marks in class on Wednesday, I decided that I needed to edit the layout of each page as well as incorporate another element into my taxonomy. The solution consists of the same, left fold-out, 6'' X 6" accordion book. However, the added element will be the tool documentation photographs in place of a denotative word (or explanation) and the change to the placement of 4 marks per "Mark Page." I have included photographs of my mock-up example as well as a test print of my paper choice and title layout. The list of words has also been edited to fit the tools used. As follows (Denotative to Connotative); Hands, Cracked, Cigarette, Pollute, Sponge, Congested, Steel Wool, Quick, Washcloth, Refresh, Grass, Regenerate. I am also questioning the font choice (Goudy) at this point in the process. I know I used it for my last project in the class but I feel it works well with the theme of this book as well.

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