Sunday, November 29, 2009

Video: Paul Rand

1) Paul Rand was a graphic designer from the United States know primarily for his corporate design work. (Wikipedia also tells me that he was born with the name Peretz Rosenbaum which I find very interesting for some reason).
2) The video primarily employs panning and zoom as well as wipe put to use within a few sections.
3) The clip begins as Paul Rand introduces the synthesis of content and form. "A work of art is realized when form and content are indistinguishable." He goes on to explain the language of form later in the video through the elements; order, variety, contrast, symmetry, tension, balance, scale, texture, space, shape, light, shape, color. Obviously, these words mean a lot to me as I have learned from my foundations year and continue to learn during this first semester in the design department. "No matter how perfectly you do something, it can still be improved." I found this quote particularly interesting and not necessarily encouraging. I have been told I tend to think this way specifically about my work which I agree with to a certain extent. The last quote I took meaning from was his statement that, "Everyone has a different definition of design and it can mean anything." He goes on to say that it is still all art! For someone whose known work was noticeably corporate, I find it refreshing that he still considered it art. This shows how versatile design can become and opens up a number of possibilities within the general view of the profession.

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