Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reading Response: Pictograms, Icons, Signs + F&S

Although this is a very illustrative example of representing objects I thought it had similar qualities to what we are currently working on within this stage of our icon creations.

After looking reading the process in creating the lion icon for the New York Public Library, I feel that I have quite a bit of refinement with my icon sets (even at this early stage). The reading discussed some things to keep in mind. The first, second and third glances served as a reminder of what I have been questioning in regards to my sketches. (i.e. What is really necessary? How much/little should I include?)

Seeing the evolution of the icons through history is also very interesting. From what I gathered, much of their change rests on the culture at that time. The form of the icon contributes to a certain time period or, in my case, to my story. As a whole, both readings reiterated the importance of many iterations. At this point, my icons are all boring and are uninteresting. As I continue to translate my objects, I need to include different forms and be more playful in my drawing approach. I've discovered that using pencil to start the icons sketches on tracing paper helps me with this.

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