Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reading Response: Generate and Cull

The reading discussed the importance of a wide range of initial possibilities in the development of any idea. It is easy to formulate a solution to a design guidelines (or assignment), but that does not mean the solution is the best answer (or even an answer at all) to the dilemma.

"The best choice isn’t always an obvious decision"

Reiterating what has been encouraged this past year in design, iterations, thumbnails or just a large number of written ideas (lateral thinking!) is imperative to the creation of a dynamic, effective design. Once my early ideas have been recorded, it is much easier to open myself up to taking chances or creating new and better solutions that broaden my approach. With this large collection of ideas,the next step involves standing back from the cluster and consciously critiquing the process. Sometimes, this results in a positive solution to the dilemma, but there are also times when the process must and should be repeated throughout the project. This stresses the importance of keeping a record of your process (binder, blog, etc...) in order to keep these raw ideas, good and bad, for inspiration or other projects.

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