Wednesday, March 3, 2010

7 Deadly Sins: 01

Pride [Closer crop?]Gluttony Sloth [Greed? Change to a more familiar casino]
Wrath [Photograph a different courthouse]

Lust [Photograph stand-alone building]

Greed [Too many other connotations?]
Envy [Closer crop?]

Here is my first set of photographs. From the feedback received today during critique, I will continue to try different shots of each location and cropping. In some photographs, the lines of the parking lot become too dominant. This choice (zoomed out, empty space) was made to emphasize that each location is "waiting for you" and also to make a more cohesive set. Also, the lighting shows the progression of a full day of temptation. Starting with Krispy Kreme (gluttony) in the morning and ending with the casino (sloth) at night.This has nothing to do with the assignment, but the parking lot at the Chief's stadium was beautiful!

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