Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reading Response: Pathways of Fulfillment: Photography and Celebrit

"I create the image that people want to see. It's up to me to fake people out...Basically you lie to people."

"One becomes, by definition, increasingly uncomfortable in one's own skin. The constant availability of alternative styles to "adapt to," to purchase, thrives on this discomfort."

Pathways of Fulfillment discussed the relationship between reality and fantasy as they relate to modern advertising and photography. I thought the article uncovered the human emotion of discontentment and brought the worldwide attempt at perfection into the light. The overview of the common perception of "photogenic" was especially interesting because it added, not only the use of idealized human body or features, but also how it relates to the perception of the home as a living space. "Cameraland" is a land where dreams come true. However, just because a certain look or alteration is possible doesn't mean that it is necessary or beneficial to viewer, creator, or model. As the article cites, this "correction" can actually be harmful.

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