Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Review Proposal

Final Review List:

Visual Communications:
Books: Dot, Line (Print out specific juxtapositions?), Haiku Taxonomy, Info-graphic Spread (Print out separate info-graphics?), Museum Exhibit
Animation: Haiku
Process: Haiku/Taxonomy, Icon Set (Info-graphic/Museum Exhibit)
Print: Line Juxtapositions, Info-Graphics [?]

Print: Monogram Layout, Change One Thing Poster, Weather Billboards, Magazine Layout, Marian Bantjes Poster
Animation: Weather
Process: Weather (Type Experimentation Photographs), Change One Thing Poster

Color, Drawing & Form:
Books: Color Book (Shoe Photographs)

Image Making:
Books: 7 Deadly Sins
Print: Amelia Earhart Poster, 6 Degree Poster & DVD set (shared with Brandon)

Other Project Possibilities:
Color, Drawing & Form: "X" Manipulated Letter-form?
Image Making: Book Covers?
Type:Process on Magazine Layouts?

First Direction:
Express my interest in typography as well as print work that communicates through specific audiences (Using my magazine layouts and posters) as well as a brief interest in photography and experimentation (using my color book, deadly sins book and weather billboards).
Second Direction:
I would like to discuss my interest in typography, pattern and concept.

Typography will be referenced in my magazine layouts and Change One Thing poster. The Change One Thing poster will include process from initial concept with the AIGA competition to the poster shown in the Steve Frykholm critique and then the final submitted and spread throughout Kansas City (shown in context). Spreading across classes with my magazine spreads, I will discuss how I handled typography within my info-graphics as well as the line book from first semester.

Pattern will be included through an overview of my Line book from first semester (with selected juxtapositions printed larger and hung on the wall) in addition to the recent Museum Exhibit and Marian Banjtes Poster. Within this I will talk about the formal qualities of including pattern and how it relates to images and text within a composition as well as conceptual levels within both the exhibit and line compositions that used principles (like anchorage and relay) to create deeper meaning in specific compositions that compliment my design.

My last subject will include a brief overview of the conceptual base for many of my projects shown specifically through my color and 7 deadly sins books. How I am influenced in photography and how I have learned from the process of creating specific compositions rather than arbitrary photographs that can form relationships to type and other design elements.

Edit & Print:
Change One Thing Poster
Magazine Layouts
Information Graphics
Line Book (one)
Specific juxtaposition compositions
Museum Exhibit Booklets and Materials

Things to include during my presentation:
What I have learned spread across classes and semesters
"For example..."

Dot Book

Line Book

Haiku Taxonomy (Include Process)

Haiku Animation

Info-graphic Spread (Include Icon Process)

Museum Exhibit (Include Icon Process)

Monogram Layout

Change One Thing Poster (Include Process)

Weather Billboards/Animation (Include Process of Experimentation Photography)

Magazine Layout

Marian Bantjes Poster

Color Book

7 Deadly Sins

Amelia Earhart Poster

6 Degree Poster & DVD

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