Monday, May 10, 2010

Marian Banjtes Poster

This poster proved to be a big challenge for me. Because I really admire Marian Banjtes work, finding a solution that embodies her style combined with my own was a process that I should continue until I resolve it in a better way. My final that I showed in final review includes pattern made from calligraphic marks that I combined and colored. From this, I chose to include the pattern in the title, "Risk Is In The Details." Because I included the pattern in some of the text, legibility is still an issue in regards to the short, average "poster glance". I do like the direction that I ended up printing, however it still needs refinement both in the text, composition and maybe color. I wish that I would have been able to find this direction a week earlier. With this, I have been able to explore creating pattern and how it combines with text. Hopefully, this edition is more like me and less weak attempts at Marian Banjtes. Perhaps with more time and refinement, one of initial ideas would be possible--maybe a summer project?

Process of poster ideas:

Working on color combination:
Shown in final critique:
Line Drawing with background color:
Combination of photograph and line drawing:
One of my initial ideas:

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