Saturday, August 28, 2010

F + S: Rhetorical Tropes

Hyperbole, Personification & Metaphor*! All in one!
extinguish]. This advertisement uses personification by making the arrow look like a human hand holding a hand weight and implying action through the circular motion.

The example above uses 2 rhetorical tropes; a parody through imitating the American flag by giving us a kind of ratio of Apple to Windows users, and metonomy because the American flag stands for freedom which could mean that Americans are free to choose whichever system they would like.





  1. How is the first one metaphor exactly? I can't really see the images. And why do you define the snail as metaphor?

    The others are correct identification of tropes with the following exception: I hear your rational for the flag employing Metonymy but computer companies and freedom/US are not closely related signs.

  2. The first one is a mistake. I consider it to be a metonymy because it uses the images of a pan boiling over and a butterfly to symbolize the skin purifier (which is a more complex idea).

    I labeled the snail as a metaphor because it replaces one sign with another, comparing two unrelated ideas: a snail and a key.