Saturday, September 4, 2010

Karrin Allyson: Direction

For the next phase of the Folly poster project, I am supposed to pick one (possibly two) ideas to move forward with and make 6 different poster iterations that could produce the final poster. After the critique on Friday, I am a little unsure of which direction I want to take. I am choosing between text replaced with musical symbols, the composition sheet bed cover, and hot air balloons. At this point, I think that the text replaced with symbols could look nice, but it is cliche and it doesn't have a lot of meaning to me (and probably wouldn't to anyone else). The bed cover has possibilities, but I have been getting feedback that has made me concerned about putting a bed on a poster to describe a Jazz singer. I am not sure if that is what I would like to say about Karrin Allyson. I did not play around with the hot air balloon sketches as much as I should have. However, I think this is the direction I should choose to work in. I have produced some more sketches and would really appreciate any feedback.

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