Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kibera TV: Poster

I found that much of the information I had gathered about Kibera TV was wrapped up within the community of Kibera. Because it is run by Kibera-based organizations and individuals (Hot Sun Foundation, Kibera Film School, etc...), I hadn't considered the possibility of a history on community film broadcasting within a different context (i.e. USA). My poster uses visual clues that give the viewer the context (Africa), and narrows it down to information about Kibera itself. The boxes that make up the form of Africa are indicators on building blocks as well as a loose representation of different "screens" with images that act like stills from a broadcast. I included; historical information about the formation of Kibera TV in 2010 from the 2009 class of the Kibera Film School, information on how what exactly Kibera TV is and what their goals are for the channel, as well as what it takes to make it happen and how it reaches the community. I used the same stylistic approach as my 15 second narrative. I approached the "diagram" parameter as the viewer's experience and approach to the poster. Beginning with the recognizable form, narrowing it to Kibera and then digging in to the information--an attempted hierarchy.

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