Sunday, September 26, 2010

F + S: Product Packages

***I chose Aunt Sue's Honey as my new example of ethos. At first glance, the viewer reads: "Aunt Sue's Raw-Wild Natural Honey." The other important text includes, "A SueBee Product" "Naturally Fat, Sodium & Cholesterol Free" and "100% Pure Strained Honey." By adding the endearing endorsement of "Aunt" Sue, the brand uses ethos to add credibility to the product as well as personalize it. Although subtle, the background image sets the scene of a wild, countryside to emphasize the fact that it is 100% pure honey.

Speculated Intended Audience:
Reasons to buy honey; specifically used in recipes, as an alternative to sugar, or you just love the way that honey tastes. Aunt Sue's Honey targets an audience that wants genuine, natural honey. They want a naturally fat, sodium & cholesterol free, raw sweetener. Those that are conscious about buying 100% pure honey will choose Aunt Sue's honey over brands that dilute the honey with other ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup.

I chose this jar of pepperoncini as an example of pathos. Pathos appeals to the viewer by creating an emotion that requires the recreation of a scene or event. The package aesthetic gives a Greek feel and uses the image of a window with Tuscan-style houses filling the background. It emphasizes the fact that the pepperoncini was imported. The label also includes descriptive language that sets an inviting mood such as, "These spicy, crunchy peppers are perfect whole as apart of an antipasto platter or sliced as salad toppers They are also great diced into cold rice or pasta dishes. To make them a little less salty or spicy, just rinse before use." Using this as its base, the design uses elegant typography to appeal to the cultured feel of the jar. Despite the calm feel of the design, I think that some of the Tuscan "spice" has been left out of the emotional appeal of the aesthetic, not only what is in the jar, but in the projected culture as well.

Speculated Intended Audience:
Krinos produces food that is directly imported from Europe. It targets an audience that decidedly wants "gourmet" (as used on the website), authentic Greek peppers. Their communication intentions with the jar of pepperoncini is to give the buyer a view into the location where the peppers were grown. The type simply states that the product was imported and is set in vinegar brine.

***Morton's sea salt is an example of ethos. Not only the fact that Morton salt is an extremely recognizable brand, the persuasive language occurs in the statements on the back of the package, "From the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea on Spain's Costa Blanca, Morton has selected a sea salt perfect for creating rubs for cooking meat, poultry and seafood." It uses the reputable character of Morton's salt to inform the viewer that the coarse sea salt in the package is truly from the Mediterranean sea on Costa Blanca. It also appeals to the viewer with directed use in the sentence, "These coarse salt crystals also add a finishing touch to your favorite dish. Just sprinkle on vegetables, fruits and desserts for a burst of flavor." Who does not want to add a burst of flavor to their favorite dish? Although the company started in 1848, Morton's logo uses the original umbrella girl that started in 1914 and continues to use the same, reliable and trusted logo to advertise the same, reliable and trusted product.***

Pine-Sol is an example of logos. It clearly states its objective, that it cleans and disinfects, and gives the viewer facts like, "Safe on Wood." The back of the package gives a detailed and informative overview of the uses and dangers involved with pine-sol and, through inductive logic, shows the viewer why pine-sol is beneficial with phrases such as, "all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant, removes tough grease and dirt, kills germs, deodorizes and has a clean, fresh scent." It also states the facts in an alternative language (Spanish) that appeals to a wider audience. One of the biggest deficiencies in the text is their inclusion of a list of active ingredients. It states that 8.7% is pine oil and 91.3% are 'other' ingredients." This makes me question what the 'other' ingredients are and why they are not stated.

Speculated Intended Audience:
Pine-sol has a wide audience because of its wide range of uses. It is a disinfectant that cleans floors, toilets, stoves, and even laundry. It targets home owners. More specifically, those with woodwork and nonporous surfaces that are dirty. This group includes age 18+.

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