Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kibera TV: 2 Channel Fold-Out + Logo Ideas

As I combined these two channels, the biggest question I was forced to answer was: how do I arrange the images in a visually interesting way and reinforce the narrative with their information? In this, I chose to use all of my original text compositions, but cut down my images from the original 20 on the building blocks. I had originally planned on using the folds of the paper to create boxes that would contain my image and text. However, I chose to place each one in a specific spot, at a specific size, to correspond and form a relationship with the text. I wanted the two channels to be intertwined. One of the greatest things that I learned through this fold-out print was the experience of printing a double-sided paper fold, that, when put together, creates one composition (i.e. section 4). I chose to include remnants of the building blocks with the orange and green color cubes throughout the piece to add color, break up the space and make the print more interesting to the viewer. I am glad that I decided to attempt this. Although the actual print was not up to standard, the viewer can still see that each of the images/objects line up to create one composition.

1 comment:

  1. hey bethany, getting closer on the logo, but i'm not sure it's there yet. the play button doesn't really do anything "special" yet. not sure what that would be though... maybe the form of the triangle needs to be a bit different somehow -- different mark, slightly different shape, outline, etc. it's just not doing anything interesting yet; not activating anything (letterforms, space, my brain, etc).

    def. keep the color in the shape though. the red is providing the most contrast, but the green is smarter (at least in u.s. culture) if it has more contrast from the black. more saturation or lighter value probably. maybe check with pamela or read up on what green means in kibera or kenya. is it on their flag?

    the small triangle option is too small, especially for use on those smaller web-sized videos (and espeically if it's a bug on those videos).

    all that said, don't take up too much time on this. it's a tough balance because you want to have a good mark to work with, but you don't want to spend all of your time just designing the logo.