Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kibera: Title Sequence | Logo Bug | Bar Sequence

Throughout the creation of the Kibera TV sequence, I expanded on the idea of building blocks to describe how the Kibera TV channel builds their community by broadcasting live news reports in Kibera. I used images from that gives the viewer a visual of, not only what goes into the production of the channel, but also images that reflect the community. The initial exploration projects helped develop an understanding of how to develop the structure of a narrative in addition to explaining the organization in both a linear and non-linear structure. These were also helpful as I discovered the importance of different communication channels (image, music, text, voice) that I incorporated into the final piece. Each plays a vital role in creating an emotion or thought in the mind of the viewer. It was interesting to see how each could communicate on their own and, when combined, used the different channels to strengthen and create a dynamic sequence. Even though motion graphics are a different and sometimes challenging way of thinking, I attempted to use design principles to create emphasis within certain sections of the sequence as well as using the rhythm of the music to create a rhythm within the movement of the blocks. Though the title sequence, I learned that there are no greater or lesser transitions--each is just as important to edit and develop as the other.

In addition to learning more about creating a narrative in motion, I was once again reminded of how important detailed storyboards become when producing the final animation. I think that it is important that each frame is visually pleasing on the paper and it will transfer into the motion composition. After considering how I set up the cube within the frame, I did not make enough use of the full screen (in a good way) and left a lot of white space. This could have been solved with a more thoughtful construction in my storyboard.

As my first attempt in After Effects, this was a great learning experience. Initially, I was very excited to work in this program and, after barely scratching the surface, I am glad that I am still excited to learn more about it. I found it was much easier to move around and create in After Effects and I enjoyed thinking that there weren't any boundaries--that there was always a way to make it happen. With that said, I spent an excessive amount of time (too much with nothing to show in this piece) attempting 3D and I am sad that the cube did not make it into the final title sequence.

With that said, I feel like the end product was a success on the part of my learning experience in After Effects. In addition to this, I am very interested in this project and Kibera TV and enjoyed producing an motion piece.

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