Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Communication Schematic: Final Non-Linear Narrative

Within this project, I used a clear action (clicking a button) to inform the viewer about the process of communication. When a specific layer is selected, the transparent overlay appears with the label, definition and two examples. I used the characters, Emma and Abby, and developed the story of two young girls communicating via facebook chat. Alongside this, I also gave three generalized examples for each label that also explain the process. Although the approach is simple, it uses my primary channels, image and text, to give a palpable understanding of the model. In addition to that, my goal was to develop a system that I could actually produce with the new knowledge of action script. Since this is an entirely new arena, I wanted to learn, apply and understand the very basic structure of the code. I learned a lot from the demonstration last week and, with some help in class and from classmates, was able to complete the schematic and understand the basic functions.

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