Friday, January 28, 2011

Avid Hikers: Initial Analysis & Secondary Research

Interview | Questions


How would you describe an avid hiking/outdoor enthusiast?

How did you become interested in hiking and/or outdoor activities (childhood, exercise, etc...)?

In what state of mind do you frequently find yourself at the beginning of a hike or outdoor sport?

In what state of mind do you frequently find yourself at the end of your hike or outdoor sport?

Would you consider yourself to enjoy the outdoors as a sport or pastime?

Where are specific trails that you enjoy and explain why?

Where do you learn about the different locations of trails?

Are there any locations where you have been considered an intruder or unwelcome?

Would you rather hike and enjoy the outdoors alone or with company?

How often would you say you take time to consiously be outdoors or go on a hike?

If you could, would you increase this amount of time?

In your opinion, what are the benefits of hiking or being outdoors (mental, physical)?

Do you have any goals you wish to accomplish through this activity?

What are some of the essential items neede before a hike or a day of outdoor exploring?

Desribe the gear or tools you use frequently on a hike.

Desribe and explain specific terms such as “bushwacking or “hand-cutters”.

Is there someone that participates in this particular activity that you “look up” or aspire to become like?

How do you feel when you r are outdoors as opposed to being indoors?

Is there a better sense of self because of hiking?

What’s your favorite part of doing it?

What’s the most important thing you have learned while doing this?

How does hiking/physical activity change the way your interact daily?

How has it made a difference in your life?

What qualifies someone to go on a “tougher” hike?

How do you use hiking etiquette and why is it important?

Do you encounter any problems while you hike or with equipment?

Do you make use of modern technologies such as a GPS or cell phones or use traditional
tools such as a map or compass?

Self Reporting/Leave Behind Prompt: Draw/Map Process

To the best of your ability, draw the location of your favorite hiking destination outdoor location:
Explain why you chose this as your favorite destination.

How did you feel in this location?
When were you at this location?
What part of the hike is this location found (beginning, end, etc)?
What colors do you recall when in this location?
What sounds do you recall when in this location?
What is the best time of the year to visit this location?

To the best of your ability, draw a map of your favorite or memorable hike using color and stickers
to carefully mark specific spots along the trail:

Place stickers on at least 4-5 memorable or unique stops along the trail.
Explain, in writing, what happens at these points.
Mark beginning of trail with:
Mark resting places with:
Mark destination with:
Mark best view along the trail with:

Secondary Research:

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