Monday, January 31, 2011

KC Star: Speculate

Possible improvements for the KC Star website:
  • Customize social network benefits (E-newsletter?)
  • Customize archives (rollover photos)
  • Different preferences of organization (date, section)
  • Easy navigation to relating sections
  • Different actual page for section
  • Color coding for easy navigation
  • Keep rating system of Most Read, Commented
  • Bring all sections to front (found at bottom) to primary navigation
  • Keep weather in banner--add date, time, etc...small boxes?
  • Feature Star Magazine pages "Love Story" "Last Bite" "Cow-town" Remember When" "Design Post" "Eye Level" Fashion Fusion" "Architecture"
  • Ad = expands upon rollover
  • Give archival articles after article click on (read in rich media format?)
  • Make commenting box more personable (no one wants to comment)
  • Give relate able boxes in same locations (Ex/ Most Read box)
  • "Browse" by title bubble of different hierarchies.
  • Keep sharing feature
  • Read it later feature
  • Track number of hits
  • Use hierarchy in color
  • Set up an informal debate
  • Jump right to a feature article from base page
  • Customize page display; date, time, temperature
  • Use/keep the expandable panel feature
Wire frame Sketches:

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