Monday, January 31, 2011

Typography Symposium: Writing

Names and Descriptive/Clarifying Taglines
  1. TypeDown: the basics of expressive and experimental typography (TypeUp)
  2. Typography: What is it, how is it, why is it.
  3. No Rules: typographic experimentation -> Breakin' All the Rules: typographic expression
  4. Express: how letters influence your life
  5. What about the letter "t"?
  6. What made "d" so great?
  7. Type Junkies, Type Geeks: what does that even mean?
  8. Obsessed and Expressed
  9. Why not? A Symposium of expressive and experimental letter forms
  10. Engraved: an exploration of typography
  11. How to use your ABCs
  12. fontfashion, typetools, totallytype, tactiletypography, typetalk, typetease
  13. You're Surrounded: a typography symposium
  14. Record. Exploring the letter-form as an expressive and experimental tool
  15. Flexible:Exploring the letter as an expressive and experimental form
  16. Auto-Graphed
  17. Un-convention, Un-Conference: a symposium on expressive typography
  18. Type License
  19. Typography Rules!
  20. Spark Notes to Type: what, how and why it is.
  21. What is Typography?
  22. What, When, Where, How? A course on expressive and experimental typography
  23. Wonderwords
  24. Typecast, Type Addict
  25. War of Wordcraft
There might be only a few to consider in this group. I obviously like being cheesy.

Symposium Description:

Why do you need type? How do we need it? What can we do to it? KCAI graphic designers will be exploring the possibilities with you. Together, we will discover the basics of typography through expressive and experimental letters. This is an opportunity to view what you see and what you read in a new way. At this symposium you will discover what typography is, how you can use it, and how much fun it can be. Who doesn't want to be an explorer?

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