Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reading Response: C/ID

Frieze Art Fair:
  • Artifacts designed by GTF: shallow cardboard boxes with printed gallery name and color coded navigation band.
  • Used photographs of previous year and construction of structure on advertisements based on the seasons of the year
  • Brand: block serif type and modular device (like photographic mounting) used to frame text/images
  • Logo: Franklin Gothic logotype and abbreviation QNS at the end intended to convey a sense of motion (Ex/ LAX)
  • Used blue as a reference to the color if the Maltzan's building
  • Environmental signage and super-graphics: mutli-part rooftop sign seen from elevated subway that would come into focus when the visitor reached a destination
  • Wanted to inspire tourists (Manhattan population = 70%)
  • Rotating installation piece exhibited most significant pieces to communicate "change for the better"
  • Developed a system of dashes, arrows and vocab and combined them with tag-lines (Ex/ "MoMA has moved")
  • Silk-screened directly onto walls of converted factory
Stedelijk Museum CS:
  • Abbreviated for a sense of immediacy (shown in the project)
  • Logotype: inspired by a pattern on airmail envelopes (building's former use)
  • Red: relates the identity of the original Stedelij Museum, blue offers contrast
  • Used Univers because it was closely associated with Stedelijk
  • Used diagonal red and blue stripes throughout identity system, including redesign of the magazine Stedelijk Museum Bulletin.
Walker Art Center:
  • Used: " Walker without Walls" tag-line for shows during year-long closure
  • Matthew Carter designed own "Walker" typeface; snap on multiple formed serifs, uniquely flexible with a lot of variation
  • Shown on printed, environmental and on-screen applications that show against solid white or black bands as well as colors and patterns (due to its flexibility, it can be seen in varying modes)

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