Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trail Enthusiasts: Final

Regardless of the assignment, each design solution involves research. Within this project, the purpose was research and how to successfully communicate information to another designer. This began with interviews led to various methods of gathering information through the creation of diagrams to correctly identify specific aspects of the subculture. Throughout the process, I learned the value in direct interaction with the subject. Hiking with the Kansas City Outdoors Club was one of the greatest sources for the contents of the book. This personal experience involved conversation, observation and documentation which made the book far more than just an assumption based on found data. The final artifact is unique and worth someone's time.

Sample Spreads:

Title Pages:
Map of Trails:
Probe/Interview Process:
Affinity Diagram:
Task Analysis:
Table of Contents:

Key Process: The Evolution of "Mark"




Beginning of affinity diagram:
Beginning of task analysis:
Interview Process:
Hike With KCOC:

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