Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY: Process Direction


Jordan has just recorded another instructional video on your youtube account. She clicks the post video button and reviews her previous episodes. On the side bar, her eye is caught by a commercial for the Women's Alliance. She clicks the link and watches the video. Jordan has been interested in getting involved in a volunteer position but never knew where to go, what was actually needed in her community considering what she had to offer. After watching the video, Jordan contacts the local chapter and sets up a time to repair the donated clothing that is given to low-income women in order to help them succeed both in interviews and at the workplace.


Did You Know: Women have a greater risk of living (and staying) in poverty than men?
  • Often paid less with the same qualifications
  • Segregated into low-income jobs dominated by females
  • Are more likely to support children

The Women's Alliance asks you to help women succeed by repairing donated clothing to help American women gain independence, respect and self-sufficiency in professional occupations. Contact a local chapter at 305-856-9993 to donate your sewing skill.

Help repair the torn seams. Because it makes a difference.

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