Thursday, March 31, 2011

Type Experiments: 10 Questions

  1. How can I use the scale of the experiment to dictate the form/legibility of the 3 planes?
  2. How do I understand and work with the physical limitations of the eye?
  3. How can one typeface exist in both two and three dimensional forms?
  4. How do the experimental forms exist? (materials, spaces)
  5. How can the viewer not just participate in the process but help develop it?
  6. How can the space used for experimentation be manipulated or changed through the typography?
  7. How does the type remain the focus of the experiment and not the surroundings, illusion or space?
  8. How can the type change or move over a period of time?
  9. What messages can encourage or emphasize the form?
  10. Can the message or form be altered through the use of different materials and locations?

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    i just lost a huge post here. crappy crap. let's talk in person on monday. keep moving forward with #3, and consider numbers 4, 9, 10 as you work. those are kind of sub-questions that can apply to lots of this work.