Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Type Symposium: Identity Standard + Webwords

This serves as the standard for the creation of artifacts for the identity of atypeical. From class and what was gathered in studio discussion, we decided to follow the typefaces used by KCAI. After some comparisons, a few of us agreed that Arial could replace Futura condensed and that Georgia would be used in place of Garamond for the web. The circle logo will be used in black and white with a slight transparency. I went ahead and chose two colors (that are not scary like some of the experiments). With that, I was unsure whether we actually needed color aside from the background imagery (thoughts?). Also found below is the final tagline and description based on those that commented on the Type 4 blog.


I wrote down all of the writing that needs to be placed within each section of the website. This includes tag-lines and call outs as well as general information such as the address, contact info times and explanations. This can be used as a checklist when developing the actual site.

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