Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tailorable iPhone App: Wireframes 01

iphone icon language:
  1. Icons should be perceived effortlessly with no pause for interpretation.
  2. Icons should represent a broad class of objects
  3. Icons should have a cohesive style and form and be placed with similar objects
  4. Keep representation specific to context (physical, cultural and social environments) to communicate effectively
  5. Ensure that custom icon systems do not conflict with standard icons
iphone gestures:
  1. Keep gestures consistent with iOS/HIG standards to keep frustration, confusion, usability problems and errors out of the user's experience
  2. Custom gestures simulate real-world gestures (Ex/imitate swinging a baseball bat) and are not appropriate for Productivity or Utility apps
  3. Ensure that the finger does not obscure any important information
  4. Simplify gestures as much as possible to clarify it's importance
  5. Simplify design through user testing. Communication to them is more of a limitation than the technology detecting a complex gesture
All hikers must develop a strategy for where they are going to hike, what they are going to bring based on a specific location and time of the year.

Those who like to hike in unfamiliar locations for extended periods of time.

Tailored Solution
The creation of a plan for what essentials the individual(s) will need to bring (food, clothing, supplies) depending on the desired location based on weather and obstacles found in that region as well as a collection of the trials the hikers have previously trekked and the items they used in those areas.

Concept Wireframes:

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