Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Type Experiments: Continuing to Make 04

Taking my previous type experiments, I attempted to use the two dimensional letterforms that were created to give the illusion of sitting in three dimensional space and placed them in physical space across five different planes, large-scale. Although this particular experiment is not successful on its own due to the illegibility of most of the letters (specifically i, g, and n, I believe that the idea as well as the material worked well for large, lined type that is not permanent.

A designalogue banner was a nice way of testing the line type I created in previous projects. It provided function and purpose as well as a test for legibility across various letters.

The second attempt to create anamorphic type on a balloon
(this was not at all successful but I decided to try a third time).

On the third attempt, I found more success in marking the lines from the projector and drawing them with the balloon in hand. At this point, I realized that a balloon was a good suggestion but neither a material that informs my experiments nor a material that I would like to continue to use.

  1. One of the discoveries contained in my area of typographic studies was realized during my first few attempts at creating optical illusions. The nature of the work requires a precision, not only in craft (which has not been achieved as it should/will be), but also placement of certain objects at specific angles. This precision later informs the creation of actual type and applies to forming the letters and creating a grid. It is interesting to use the grid and find various ways to manipulate this through the use of perspective outside of the original creation.

  2. Another important, in my opinion, discovery includes the forms used to create another. For example, using lines to create a three dimensional box, in turn, was used to create a structured type that attempts to create the illusion of three dimensions from both the left and right sides of the letter. This illusion relies heavily on the placement of the lines in relation to one another. In addition to that, some of my earlier experiments used the material to reinforce the message. In that, I believe they were almost more successful than using tape or hand-drawn line to create the letterforms.

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