Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Type Experimentation Final

This experimental process began through gathering research about both anamorphosis and optical illusions. Both are independent techniques of distortion, tricking the eye and multiple dimensions. My initial experimentation began by mimicking existing examples of both. The most successful type experiments came from combining these two techniques to answer my question; "how can 0ne typeface exist in both two and three dimensional forms?" In addition to this, I asked, "How do the experimental forms exist in materials and space and how does the message encourage or emphasize the form?" My first few attempts focused on incorporating the last two questions by using the word "security" and material that reinforced this, cotton. This experiment informed the later process of a more complex subject. This produced a distortion of the letter form which I found particularly interesting. From this point, I produced digital experiments that focused on the creation of a letterform that attempts to be viewed as three-dimensional on a flat surface. This produced answers through the use of repeated lines and was then combined with anamorphosis technique through the use of a projector and multiple planes. The most successful experiment occured when I combined each question with the word "focus" placed on 5 surfaces, although the material, tape, did not necessarily reinforce the form or message. This asks the viewer to walk through the experience and requires they stand at a certain perspective to see the actual word. Throughout the process, I learned about creating typographic form from other forms, such as lines, as well as creating two dimensional letter-forms that attempt to be seen as three-dimensional. This occurs through the same methods as drawing type; establishing a grid and a system. I was very interested in both the process and techniques as well as combining the two ideas together to form a new one and would like to continue to explore this in the future.

Type Experiment Booklet


  1. cool! i like the blue tape images best :)

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