Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ivanhoe: Problem Finding

I am still trying to figure out which idea to go with so I am clarifying the problem with each, researching and doing my best to establish contacts.
Define Challenges
Creating pride among the residents
Communication to residents

Narrow Directions
UMB Bank
I would really like to find a way to get the community excited enough about their new branch that they open in a new location (new building).

Community Communication Forms
This would include finding alternative methods of communication to residents about programs, block leaders, etc.

Empowering and exciting the youth (Use scout, sports, music, PACE programs)
In multiple conversations, the community representatives have talked about the difficulty of exciting the kids in Ivanhoe. This would include working with the programs that already exist as well as the possibility of creating new programs.

Community Garden
This is a great program for any neighborhood but Ivanhoe benefits on multiple levels (i.e. no grocery in neighborhood, life skills, community bonding, etc.)

UMB Bank PromotionThe new UMB branch just opened in Ivanhoe, but they are still having difficulty persuading many to understand the benefits of joining and understanding how to manage their money.

Why is good to join a bank?
Buying a home (or restoring one)
Planning for college
Planning for retirement
Online banking (could be done at the library)
Loans, credit, mortgages
Savings (!)

Possible Methods of Promotion:
Initiate request for new, full location (at Community Center?)
Training programs for both adult and youth

Talk to Who?
Contact (neighborhood+)
How to do research
Methods to test assumptions

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