Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Where I am Going
I usually start a project or idea with irrational ambitions in mind (which is the best place, I think). In the design department, I have learned the value of planning and setting achievable goals. This applies to my pursuit of a job post kcai. Yes, I am willing to move almost anywhere, but Kansas City has its perks. I can see myself fitting in many places doing a number of different things. To help narrow down my options, I have to focus on things that are actually important to me as well as something that I feel will sustain me long-term, although it is difficult to tell exactly what that is right now. These include; flexibility in form, resources to pursue innovative ideas, an amicable environment, and a concern for social and environmental "good." It is extremely critical that the work I am doing is not lacking in purpose or overall meaning. Based on my interests during school, I am pursuing work in three different fields that provide a place for graphic designers; architecture firms, small branding/identity studios, and non-profits.

How Will I Get There?
Good question. I will start through obviously methods; perfecting my portfolio, producing a solid website, and engineering my resume. I need to make sure I show work that is diverse enough to be thrilling, but tailored enough to fit the position I am applying for. But this doesn't make me indispensable to future employers...

In addition to this, my strategy to achieve my career goals will require active use of my resources. This includes asking questions and opinions of designers and design-enablers that I have been put in contact with in the community. Internships have been a great way of finding answers to my questions and concerns about the field, but have also proven to be a great asset at meeting new people (i.e. that devious word, networking). Over the past year, I set up a few informational interviews with various designers in the area that I had previously been put in contact with. This allowed me to question their company to try and understand where I fit best. These have been and will continue to be helpful as I narrow down my goals for the future. Of course, this is a form of research which is probably the most important step I am taking towards finding my puzzle piece employer. At this point, I have gathered a list of future employers that fit most/some of my criteria both in Kansas City and a few other choice locations. My next few steps involve active pursuit of them. This will happen not by applying, but proving.

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