Monday, February 6, 2012

Calligraphy Monument: Fraktur

Ian and I have finalized our location to a river called, Wörhrder See. This remains in Nuremberg, Germany but doesn't call special attention to the creator of fraktur. We chose to place it in the water because it is a symbol of the fluidity of the form and process of creation while, at the same time, keeping the rigidity and authority of the letters themselves as well as their printed structure. The sound of the water hitting the monument will act as a calming and almost meditative sound through it's repetition. We chose an open location by the river that has a dock and friendly setting without obstructions.

The standard height of a room is 8'. This is the base for our x-height which would make the final monument 14' above water level. The river runs around 9' 10'' at it's deepest point. The monument will equal 15' below the surface of the water. Each structure will be placed one unit apart from the other. Our drawing is .5'' = 1' scale. The monument would be 194' long. The width is 2'. Monument = 2' x 2' x 4' (or 29' for ascenders) solid iron structures. The top of each stroke will angle at 15° this adds an additional .5' on the height.

We chose iron ore as our material because it is a natural resource found in Germany. This material provides a solid structure that can embody intimidation and authority as well as impress the viewer.

Aerial Location View:

Initial Concept Mock-up:

Concept Sketches:

Direction Board:

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