Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Architecture + Hair Process

Taylor and I are drawing parallels from Corbusier's architecture and hair and fashion from the 1960s that was directly influenced by Corbu. Although we are including influences in the exhibit as well as the app, architecture is still the focus of the space. We have begun to explore the wall space (bottom floor only), concentrating on imagery, shapes, curves and quotes from the presentation (seen below). This could include things like building off of the walls and showing the comparison through juxtaposed images.

The supporting technology will be an iphone application that will be accessed after the visitor reads the introduction text at the front/entrance of the H&R Blockspace. The app will introduce the space and give a map as a reference of each specific point (5) in the space. The map will not be very detailed but will include small explanations of each point when touched on screen. Each of the five points exhibited in the space will have a corresponding place in the app. Here, the viewer will be able to reveal multiple layers of information about that point. In some cases, it will include direct interaction with the exhibit (EX/ Ribbon window scan to reveal light/outside on the screen of the phone). [MORE SKETCHES + WIREFRAMES POSTED SOON]


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