Monday, August 31, 2009

Exploring Letterform

Trying to focus on the formal qualities of the letters, this assignment helped me to become more familiar with the form of the given letter "g". In Futura, Bodoni, & Garamond I first loosely sketched each typeface for "g" and from there added aesthetic qualities and furthered the composition on the butcher paper. Working with each individual drawing until I achieved the desired effect using pen, india ink as well as cutouts. Obviously, these weren't supposed to be exact replicas of the typeface but to be thought of as a warm up for future assignments. I really enjoyed the letter "g" in this assignment. I feel that my Bodoni "g" was the most successful composition as a whole but received good feedback on the linking between the Garamond letterforms. Apologies for the poor photographs that show the warped butcher paper at its worst, thanks to the india ink.

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