Monday, August 31, 2009

Warm Up (Part One)

Using no more than 10 on each composition, our class was instructed to abstractly communicate a certain word through the use of black circles. Given 12 words to choose from, I first sketched around 50 thumbnails (roughly 4 for each letter). From there, I chose what I felt were the three most successful compositions (Pressure, Escape & Affection) and put them into a 6'' x 9'' template using rubber cement and black Canson paper. Pressure is most likely my most successful arrangement that communicates the given word and is visual pleasing. Escape places itself second on my list. It would be stronger if the dot that seems to be escaping from the order of the rest was seen in a smaller size so as to draw more attention to its activity rather than upset the composition. I feel that affection was not clear either in composition or the feeling I tried to communicate once I transfered it from thumbnail to the template. Another aspect of this assignment that I hadn't at first considered to be difficult was craft. However, with so much emphasis on black and white, clean cuts became very important, more noticeable and harder to achieve than I had anticipated.

Pressure, Affection & Escape.

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