Monday, August 24, 2009

Reading Response

Much of what I read in, Type and Image, Meggs, page viii,seemed to expand upon many of the reasons that I am interested in the field of Graphic Design. Through its expressive nature, design has the ability to appeal to the viewer in a variety of ways that communicate in a sort of "universal language." This passage iterates my mentality by stating the need for graphic design as a form of communication in the new "information culture." However, I found that, in reading Graphic Design Sources, Hiebert, p 9-10, I had left a lot to be desired in my first post. It explained the interdisciplinary processes involved with graphic design in regards to style and the complexity of design. I had mentioned problem solving in my last post but had not touched on the subject of the challenge of practicing discipline while developing new ideas. The second reading also elaborated on the importance of crossing boundaries and "embracing the unexpected" as well as emphasizing design as an interface.

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