Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dimensional Letterform

This week in Color, Drawing, Form we have been focusing on 6" extruded letterforms. After first drawing orthographic and perspective sketches the major part of the construction began in class on Wednesday. This was my first attempt at building an extruded letterform. I used illustration board for the base sides of the letter and foam core to connect and weight the inside. After the glue dried I covered the letter with bristol and used a small amount of spackling paste to fill in any empty space. I would still like to cover it with a coat of glossy spray paint to finish it.
The Futura "Z" makes for a simple first construction but I wanted to learn the basic steps and tackle the more complicated, distorted 12'' letterform that we will be constructing this week with a better understanding of the process.

(Shown: 6'' Extruded Letterform Futura Uppercase "Z", Sketches on tracing paper of ideas for 12'' Interpretive Letterform)

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