Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preparation for Narrative in Letterform

Extending the "b"rainstorm from the post below, the class has begun to create sequences to prepare for our narrative animations of the chosen letterform. Choosing the best compositions based on dynamic use and balance of positive and negative space and letterform legibility,
we were instructed to add content through found imagery to the compositions by masking in illustrator, creating 4 variations for each. I played around with a few different ideas; bacteria/bandage, bacteria/bite, bacteria/bread/, bacteria/bloom, bacteria/bathroom, bulimia/ballet. Obviously, bacteria is my core word for the animation and, after the brief critique in class, I decided to possibly tell the narrative though the connection between bacteria, bread and bathroom.
(Shown: 8 sequences from Futura "b" to Garamond "b", 6 examples of content compositions, process photo including initial sketches and 3''x 3'' composition cards)

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