Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Environmental Narrative Ideas

Fruits & Veggies

With this idea, I want to look at photographing the produce section of a grocery store. With fresh fruits and vegetables, there are always a variety of colors and forms. To actually achieve this my plan is to pick a smaller grocery store and talk with the owner/manager concerning my project (or use an outdoor venue such as the River Market). I think in this instance proper communication with the owner’s would be a good idea.

Rose Garden

With the second idea, I have been considering the Rose Garden at Loose Park. I am aware that it is fall and flowers are obviously not as vivid this time of year but I feel that it would be an interesting palette to work with. There are also other locations right outside the garden that include a lot of red and yellow right now that would be interesting to photograph.

Blonde vs. Brunette

The third idea consists of doing an environmental narrative of different shades of hair color. Especially at this school, it seems as though everyone has a different shade of hair. Although this would include a more narrow set of colors it would be very interesting to see the exact difference between certain hair colors. (This idea could also be continued to cars, however, taking photographs of other people’s vehicles would look suspicious).


I have also thought of exploring the narrative through night, color photography. This option would include photographs of movie theaters, Power and Light district and other areas of Kansas City that light up at night with color. It would be difficult on multiple letters (finding, night photography) but would definitely be an interesting and unknown exploration.

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