Tuesday, October 13, 2009

F + S Project Two

Done by Tandanori Yokoo in 1993, this poster employs design principles that we have been discussing and manipulating throughout Project Two involving line studies, juxtaposition and the relationship created between two compositions. This particular example has opposing qualities of perpendicular line in the red and blue background. However, the conflicting compositions are joined through the elements of fire on either side, the hand extending out of the blue into the red, as well as the reference to a human form in the center. The orientation of the eyes on the red composition and hands on the blue becomes especially important as they are placed together and allow the viewers eye to fill in the blank space. As I continue to find juxtapositions for this project, I am constantly trying to find the elements that join the two compositions while, at the same time, allow the viewer to use the information given to visually create their own connection.

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