Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Post and Lintel: Kansas City

Symmetrical Structure

Kansas City Structure (and/or Shelter)

Districts | Kansas City

A Walk Through Kansas City

Quiet Observations

Here, There, Kansas City

She is your shelter.

Rain, bud, humid,


She is your shelter.

Sun, bloom, heated,


She is your shelter.

Wind, wilt, crisp,


She is your shelter.

Snow, freeze, cold,


Each line represents a dream in my memory. Every composition travels through each scene in my mind, a replay of the memory; shared and alone. Business District, late night, Loose Park, sunny read, World War I Memorial, lone walk, West Bottoms Overlook, stars and city lights, River Market, mangos. The left is my dream, the right, a reality. Walk with me...

Serving as a record of Kansas City, Missouri, the book documents different locations found throughout the surrounding districts of the city. Photographs include specific settings constituting the World War I Memorial, Loose Park, Union Station, River Market, Plaza and the Business District. Each location can be identified and visited by the viewer in a public setting within moderately close distance, relative to one another.

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