Sunday, October 4, 2009

NY Times

After reading the SpeakUp article I realized how little attention I have paid to layout designs, articles and advertisements that are placed in conceptual opposition to one another, I have only been looking for congruence. Throughout the article, given example after example, it was interesting to note the direct correlation between the Tiffany & Co. advertisement and the current article. This juxtaposition gives an ironic twist as the title and the advertisement of these two have been linked together in some form. The deliberate use of juxtaposition gives the ability to direct and control a certain end and develop it on a more conceptual level. However, when this placement is unplanned the result can often be ironic or bring an issue into view that had never been considered before. I've found that often times the unplanned is sometimes more appreciated by the viewer and creator than a developed idea. As I look for these connections within the current project I will consider that this juxtaposition can appear visually while they may be oppositional conceptually. The article also demands that I look at the layout design of media in a more conscious attitude than I have in the past.

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