Saturday, October 3, 2009

Project Two: Reading Response

The first section from Graphic Design: The New Basics (Lupton) discussed the properties of a line; a series of points, curved, straight, continuous. It overviewed the importance of the positive and negative space that is created through the use of line and also emphasized the methods that thickness and texture can alter a line. Within this, the second reading described rhythm as "layers of pattern" and gave examples on how designers use this visually through the repetition of elements such as circles, grids and line. It explained various methods in which rhythm is used by a designer such as time, pacing, and even found rhythms. Directly relating to our current project, the reading reiterated what we have been practicing the past couple weeks through not only the creation of the lines studies but the manipulation as well. In the first round of digital line drawings, focusing on the importance of positive and negative and placement of line to communicate the variable was paramount, however, as manipulation began, the use of rhythm became especially valuable and will continue to be as specific compositions are paired with certain photographs (much like the "found rhythms" example from the reading).

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