Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reading: Albers Interaction of Color I-IV

Wrapping up our three-dimensional letterforms, the class is moving right into color with a reading from Josef Alber's Interaction of Color. The first section overviews the different ways that color is remembered mentally by the viewer. It goes on to say that color, much like text, is read in a "continuous flux" and is almost always seen in a relationship with the colors around it. Chapter III expands on the advantages of using color paper. Section IV states how colors can deceive the viewer and how color can be manipulated. Continuing with this thought, section V Alber's tells us that only a small minority can properly distinguish between the higher and lower light intensities of a color--even designers and painters. (It was here that I realized we were only supposed to read to section IV--Oh well).

The reading starts preparation for our next project in the class. I did not get the chance to be in a color class in Foundations last semester so this will be exciting to learn and work with. With my collection of color swatches and recently purchased ColorAid, I am ready to get started!

"What counts is not the what but the how." --Kandinsky

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