Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scher Video

In class on Monday, we watched a video on Paula Scher, designer for Pentagram in New York City. The topic of the clip discussed her work as it related to her surroundings. She stated how aspects of the city inspire her as she creates her designs and finds ways to integrate them into the environment with her large scale work as well as using elements of the city, through both an unconscious and conscious approach, into her work. Within our current project, we've been capturing line studies from the environment, using the city, not only as inspiration, but actually mimicking it. Using Scher as an example, designers should not spend their all of their time in studio or in front of a computer screen, but should include a proper amount of submergence within their surroundings and culture in order to better communicate through design. A balance of these elements gives the foundation for better inspiration and creation which, in turn, could result in better design.

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