Wednesday, November 4, 2009

F + S: Prj 3

This poster was found in John Foster's Masters of Poster Design. It was designed by "Modern Dog" for the Greenwood Arts Council and was intended as an event poster for the 2002 Artwalk. The designer (Raye) states that her idea was to capture how she feels after she looks at a lot of artwork. The forms that act as human eyes resemble some of the marks I have been working on in class this week. (Specifically my refined "Atmosphere" mark). Not only has the designer abstracted the eye, but she has obviously done so through haptic technique. This element can also be seen in the negative face form. As we further our marks and translate them digitally, it is good to recognize (through examples like this poster) how the organic and abstract aesthetic of a mark can add to a design and can achieve a far more interesting composition than the use of digital methods alone.

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