Monday, November 2, 2009

Analog Shapes

This weekend the class began the exploration of marks as they relate to the thumbnails and the first line of our chosen haiku. After deciding what I considered to be my strongest thumbnail sketches (tears, condensation and regenerate) from the first line (Dewdrops, Let Me Cleanse...), I reviewed the 30+ pages of marks I had generated with the tools relating to the haiku and chose those that echoed my abstract or symbolic sketches. This led to the creation of 5 different iterations of these through the manipulation of my marks (total 15). However, I scanned my marks and manipulated them digitally while the assignment (which I found out today in class) requires cutting, pasting and combination by hand. This week, I will be making actual "analog shapes" as well as iterating my first line shapes further. After the class critique, I took the most successful mark and did 3 more pages of iterations of this mark (shown below).

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