Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Taxonomy

After three proposals and eight different types of paper, I am glad to have produced the finished "Taxonomy of Marks." The final artifact remains 6"x 6" but has been altered to a simple string binding with a double sided print that clearly presents the connotative and denotative marks. (The fold posed too large of a problem and was considered unnecessary and unclear). The book opens to the first page which immediately gives the clear, connotative word to prepare and guide the viewer's thoughts as they turn the page and view the 4 chosen marks on the right. A full-bleed photograph appears on the left page and represents, not only the denotative word, but also the tool used to make the mark. The pages included are placed in an almost narrative order as on flips through the pages; cracked-hands, pollute-cigarettes, soiled-washcloth, quick-sponge, infected-steel wool, and regenerate-grass (layouts shown on left). Throughout this process, I was confronted with the issue of materials as I discovered what types of paper printed well and those that do not. Specifically, I learned that soft, textured papers show the texture through the print when put through the printers at the school, regardless of specific settings. With the simple bind and formal visual description of my marks, the booklet is a clean solution for cataloging my haiku marks.

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