Monday, December 7, 2009

Project Evolution

Dewdrops, Let Me Cleanse
In Your Brief Sweet Waters
These Dark Hands of Life

Beginning the project, I was drawn to this particular haiku with its serenity accompanied by a touch of violence. As I continued to work with it, I was constantly reminded of a thunderstorm (the source/reason for my animation sound) with unassuming rain that can be transformed into a destructive storm. After composing a list of words, my best tools were primarily chosen from the word "cleanse" as well as the implications of the second line (i.e. Sponge, washcloth, steel wool, etc...) Due to this, I tried to emphasize this through the creation of my marks. Shown below are the linear progressions of each of my final three marks used in the haiku Flash animation. (Also Shown: Tool Documentation, Storyboard and the final edited animation).

Tool Documentation:


Condensation (Line #1):

Tool: Sponge

First through final "condensation" sketches taken from the first line.

Initial condensation marks made with the sponge as well as the most successful mark to explore.

Final chosen "condensation" mark scanned and put into a digital format.
Final mark shown with the inclusion of it's related line in the haiku.

Refresh/Brief (Line #2):

Tool: Steel Wool (taken from the first line of the haiku)

First round of marks made from the steel wool and how they express the words "refresh" and "brief"

Thumbnail attempts at visually communicating the word "refresh."

Analog shapes as well as additional mark iterations intended to communicate "refresh."

Final mark (chosen after more than a few iteration rounds of this particular mark and tool).
Final Mark with added text. I chose to highlight the word that was trying to be communicated by increasing the size and emphasizing the meaning of the actual mark.

Hands (Line #3):

Tool: My own hands

A few examples of my first round of mark making with my hands.

Attempt at abstract forms of communicating the word/object "hands."

Analog Shapes as well as more iterations using a different ink that, in turn, developed more visually interesting marks than the ink I had previously been using.

Final Shape translated into digital form.
Final shape with text in the intended format it appears in my animation.

Final Animation:
(Please excuse the technical issues that accompany exporting and uploading that undesirably alter the animation). Sound = Rain Storm, Green Powered.

Untitled from Bethany Ediger on Vimeo.

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