Monday, February 8, 2010

The Constructed Image: Research Part 02

Rough sketches: (+ plans)

Maps of famous flights, last flight [Print]

Atlantic Ocean [blue paper/napkins]

Pacific Ocean [blue paper/napkins]

Runway [Print]

Leather [paper]

Driving Gloves [?]

Cropped Blonde Hair [personal]

Signature pearls [personal]

Aviation Goggles [?]

Compass [plastic]

Clothing line (sewn personally) (designed a flying suit with loose trousers, a zipper top and big pockets for the Ninety-Nines and incorporated her love of flying into work, economic, sold through Woman's Home Companion) [sewing pattern]

The Ninety-Nines (Women's Flight Association/Club) [print]

Canary Yellow and Red (planes)

Childhood= homemade roller coaster, tomboy (worms, moths), books, design and make clothing for her dolls

Work as a military nurse during WWI (social work) [red cross print]

"Lucky/Lady Lindy" (resembled Lindbergh) [print]

Plane (disappeared in her Electra)

Lucky Strike Cigarettes [?]

Open Marriage with George Putnam, feminist[?}

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